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Influence your pipeline.

For Brands.

Build out your business influencer marketing channel to expand your reach and ultimately, influence your pipeline.

Business Influencers.

Monetise your content. Add an additional income stream and cross collaborate with others to help grow your audience.

Trusted to influence the sales pipeline of high-growth companies,

adhering to the high standards set by their sales and marketing teams.

And many more...

Create your campaign and find the best SalesMarketingOperationsExecutive LeadershipDataFinance business influencers to partner with.

  • Filter by a primary specialisation and then dig deeper to find subject matter experts or specialised content.
  • Review their content to make sure it resonates with your brand message.
  • Streamlined campaign and business influencer management.

Make data driven decisions with business influencer insights

  • Detailed audience breakdowns like seniority, company sizes, industries, job titles and even what companies read their content.
  • Develop a deep understanding before picking the right partner.
  • Strategise with your business influencer partners to influence your pipeline.

Save time on business influencer management.

  • Streamlines workflows, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and enhancing productivity.
  • Consolidate all your payments to one invoice.
  • View all your data in one place without having to chase individual business influencers for data.

Effortless campaign tracking to aggregate all your data.

  • Centralise all your campaign data tracking and influencer content in one place.
  • A dashboard for making the right decisions and identification of top-performing business influencers.
  • Access comprehensive analytics for each business influencer. Your metrics for impressions, engagement rates, CPM and CPEs.

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