The Business Influencer Process


Once you've registered to the marketplace and shared your data via the chrome extension. Your analytics & profile are available for brands.

Get selected

Once registered. When an appropriate brand is looking to launch a campaign with Flooencer.

You'll be matched on your niche, audience, analytics & content then presented to the brand.

Receiving an offer

A brand is presented with various options for business influencers to collaborate with. If they select you, you'll receive email containing the campaign offer. Compensation ($), Campaign Length, Brand Details, Product Details.

Accept / Reject / Negotiate

Sign T&Cs

Sign your agreement with the brand. This will contain details of your offer, protect both you and the brand. It will also contain Flooencers Content Guidelines.

Campaign Live 🎉

Collaborate with the brand to create the content and start posting at the scheduled times. Engage with your audience who comment or message you to help boost performance.

Campaign Complete 🍾

You'll be paid for every successfully verified post after 7 days.

Once the campaign has been completed, you can always renew your contract with the brand via Flooencer if they were happy with your performance.

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